How to bridge the IT alignment gap
November 2010
by Donie Lochan, Rudy Puryear, Sachin Shah and Arpan Sheth
When IT and the businesses it supports are anchored in clearly articulated business capabilities—the specific skills needed to achieve competitive leadership—the result is alignment between information technology and business strategy.

Five steps to breakthrough performance
September 2010
by Marcia W. Blenko, Michael C. Mankins and Paul Rogers
When organizations focus rigorously on decisions, they get results. They build the organizational capabilities to decide and deliver consistently. And they turn themselves into great places to work, which in turn attracts the kind of people who get things done. A focus on decisions is the key to sustainable performance.

Balancing speed and sustainability to set the CEO agenda
July 2010
by James Allen and Julian Critchlow
The job of chief executive officer has expanded dramatically in recent years, both in scope and in complexity. Yet many men and women are able to assert control over the job rather than let themselves be dominated by it. Our conversations with CEOs point to six common dilemmas-and six strategies for success.

Deal making: Using strategic due diligence to beat the odds
May 2010
by David Harding and Hugh MacArthur
M&A success rates are improving, but about half of all large deals still fail to deliver the expected returns. The most effective deal makers use the due diligence process to spot potential land mines and uncover hidden value.

Closing the customer feedback loop
March 2010
by Rob Markey, Fred Reichheld and Andreas Dullweber
Companies need practical ways to convert the voice of the customer into front-line action. One of the most powerful approaches uses closed-loop customer feedback based on Net Promoter® Score.

A return to growth in turbulent times
January 2010
by Chris Zook and James Allen
Companies seeking to rebuild their competitive advantage need a strong core to expand successfully as the economy recovers.